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Premium French Roulette Review

Online gambling casinos have become a very popular type of gaming in recent years. This is because casinos offer a wide variety of different types of games, each with its own great features. people are especially interested in casinos because of the games they offer. One such game is Premium French Roulette, offered by Playtech. Here is a detailed review of Premium French Roulette. Read through.


Premium French Roulette Review
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The pinnacle of the roulette experience is the Premium French Roulette game. Being the best of Playtech’s premium series, it takes pleasure in providing various betting options and customizable settings with a highly straightforward and user-friendly structure. Rarely will you find a game with all the available bets that don’t also have a racetrack to divert your attention? You can find out everything about Premium French Roulettee in this detailed review.

This intriguing variation of roulette would appeal to various players because it has a single zero and several different bet types. Experience it yourself how simple it is to start playing.

Before we go any further, we’d like to mention that Premium French Roulette offers the most excellent player conditions, including the highest RTP, making it the perfect option if you want to play for fun and potentially win real money. In addition, this specific variety has magnificent graphics and Playtech’s renowned top-notch software, making it quite aesthetically pleasing.

This is also a reason why more players like the gaming experience of Premium French Roulette by Playtech. 

At a Glance

Roulette Type
Special Feature
Excellent Graphics
Called Bets
Voisins, Tiers, Orphelins,Jeu 0, Finales
Fast Play
Auto Play

Best Casinos to Play Premium French Roulette:

Best Casinos to Play Premium French Roulette:

There are many casinos that offer this game but selecting the best out of lot can be excruciating but we did it for you. Here are the best casino, where you can play the premium french roulette and win money.

Casinos Payout Percentage Payout Timing No. Of. Games
Mansion Casino 97.32% 1-2 days 1700
Willam Hill 97.24% 2 days 300+
Paddy Power 97.00% 2 days 654+ 96.33% 1-3 days 700+
Winspinbet - - 100+
  • Mansion - Best Real Money Premium French Roulette Casino in the UK
  • William Hill - Best Premium French Roulette Mobile Casino App
  • Paddy Power - Safe British Gambling Site with Premium French Roulette
  • - Top Premium French Roulette Casino with Great Interface
  • Winspinbet Casino - Amazing graphis and exceptional sound design

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What are the Rules, payouts and RTP of Premium French Roulette?

Before develving into the game one should be aware of what exactly the game offers in terms of payout and RTP. Also if you don’t know hoe to play the game you don’t stand a chance to win. Here are the Rules, RTP and payouts.


Given its name, the Premium French Roulette game has a French-style layout. The best player conditions and RTP are ensured with a single zero and the French rules. Theoretically, in this situation, the RTP is 98.65%.

The lack of unnecessary items in the game window makes placing a wager simple, and all other options are cleanly arranged and easily accessible with a single button click.

You only need to click the coin to select it and then click the region you want to bet on.

The table limits for the premium roulette series games are the same as for the other games: £0.20 to £400.

Not the best option for the best high roller roulette sites, but a good compromise for the typical player. You can also alter the view, the table’s colour, and the wheel’s direction, just like in the other variations in this Playtech series.

The history panel to the right displays your current bet’s percentage coverage of the wheel and the results of the previous eight spins.

Click on the stats button in the lower right corner of the game window for further data, such as the history of the spins over a longer time and the most popular numbers.


97.30% is the overall RTP indicated on this page. But because the La Partage rule is used, the RTP on even money wagers is increased to 98.65%. The single zero in European roulette games increases the house edge, as you may already be aware.


Comparing Premium French Roulette to the Playtech casinos we suggest, the range of wagers available is rather normal. The odds you are rewarded are fair, which is the most significant factor. As a result, the home edge is minimized.

Let’s examine your choices and the odds the house offers for each wager. Most importantly, the Single Number. Again, usual for roulette, it pays 35:1. In Split Number, the odds of making the right prediction are 17:1.

You could choose to place a wager on three numbers to increase your chances of winning. Quarter pays $8/1, Dozen/Column $2/1, and Outside Bets $1/1 for Three Numbers. Remember our recommended Playtech casino when ready to play the game in real money mode.

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Premium French Roulette Advantages and Disadvantages:

The Premium French Roulette Playtech edition comes with some advantages and disadvantages, just like any other online casino game. But, of course, these qualities vary from player to player, and what some may view as an advantage may be seen by others as a drawback. Therefore, to be as objective as we could be in our assessments, we give you the positives and negatives of Premium French Roulette:


  • Excellent Graphics
  • History and Statistics
  • Customized Layouts
  • Many Special bets


  • Complicated Gameplay

As you can see from the points we’ve included, there are many more benefits than drawbacks in this situation. Due to the intriguing variation on the classic roulette game, Premium French Roulette is a favourite among many Canada gamblers. It’s fascinating.

Features of Premium French Roulette by Playtech:


This top Playtech game version provides unmatched betting opportunities. For example, selecting the corresponding button in the bottom right corner of the game screen can benefit from the neighbour bets and call bets. That’s a great concept because you can employ the special bets this way, and your layout won’t be cluttered with too many numbers, shapes, and colours.

You can put multiple bets in the Announce Bets panel and the Neighbour Bets screen. Let me reassure you that the Announce Bets panel would be useful if you are a racetrack enthusiast. The panel is an enhancement. On the left is a layout model, and on the right are all the call bets, which you can mix and match however you choose.

The numbers included in an announced bet, such as Voisins, are nicely highlighted on the layout model when you hover over it, making it easier to track which numbers you are betting on, mainly if you are using several call bets. Overall, even though I adore all of Playtech’s premium roulettes, I would always pick this one.


In conclusion, it is a lot of fun to play the Premium French Roulette game. Furthermore, this kind of Roulette has the highest return on investment since it features a few extra rules, like La Partage and En Prison and a slight house advantage.

Additionally, this particular game offers players a wide range of betting options and a well-designed user interface, delighting the eye of every gambler. Finally, of course, you can also try these other well-liked roulette variations:

Once you’ve selected your preferred Premium French Roulette, as we’ve demonstrated, you can try some other illustrious roulette variations. You will undoubtedly have a nice and wonderful roulette experience with any of them.

Therefore, always be sure to gamble wisely whether you select the Premium French Roulette Playtech variation or any other advised game. Also the platform on which you are playing the game matters. Reliability of the online casino is something you should consider. We recommend WinSpinBet, it is an online casino with amazing user interface. Plus to give players a headstart, WinSpinBet offers $500 welcome bonus that too without any deposit. Check it out here.

The rules and layout adhere to the fundamentals of Roulette in general, as was highlighted in our evaluation of Premium French Roulette. You must first choose your chip size, then the type of wager you want to place, and finally, you must spin the wheel to confirm your bet. The wager will be settled following the game’s payout schedule if your prediction comes true.

One of the unique aspects of Premium French Roulette is its high return to player rate of 98.65%. Even for Roulette, this is exceptionally high, which theoretically indicates that you have a good chance of winning your wager.

Mansion Casino, William Hill, Paddy Power,, Betfair, and other sites are among the greatest Premium French Roulette gambling establishments. They are all accredited and safe for use in the UK. They are all excellent options for RNG roulette, while some provide better bonuses and a wider variety of games.

Despite having the same setup and wheel as European Roulette, Premium French Roulette has minor differences in its features and rules. The distinction is between the La Partage and En Prison rules. La Partage acts as insurance if you lose an outside wager to the zero pockets.

Many reputable online casinos have the Premium French Roulette game available in their game selections. Some are Mansion Casino, Betfair, William Hill, and others. The unique rules and gameplay mechanics will be helpful while playing this game for real money.

Premium French Roulette is 100% legit. You can always look out for the legitimacy of a game by looking at its licence.

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