Beginner to Pro: Best Craps Strategy

Beginner to Pro Best Craps Strategy

Tired of looking for the best craps strategy? We understand your pain. But don’t worry; this article will address all your concerns. Read through the whole piece and become a pro at Craps.

Craps is a casino game that is very popular among casinos. When the right strategy is followed, craps are extremely enjoyable and profitable. However, craps is not a game that anyone can dig into without the right attitude, knowledge, and skill. Craps game requires strategies and skills to win. Craps is one of the best games in casinos, online or land-based. 

Craps has the lowest house edge among the table games besides blackjack. We will look at the best craps strategy for beginners and advanced players, which may go hand in hand with the game. Some of the winning craps strategies that work are put together and used by online craps players. 

An introduction to the Best Craps strategy

Understanding craps games takes time and effort. One must do more than jump into it; it requires skill and a winning strategy. Winning in a craps game depends on which strategy you have chosen, and it relies on the bets that minimize the house edge, which gives better odds of winning. 

An introduction to the Best Craps strategy

The best strategy depends on the player’s experience level and bankroll permit. Being advanced depends on the time invested and the level of commitment. It also requires money and a bankroll permit. 

It’s exciting when you are pro and advanced, but it isn’t worth it when you are investing money you cannot afford. This article gives you the right strategies and the best way to win at craps. For beginners, we have a handy guide on the best way to play craps, Craps strategies, and tricks for beginners and advanced players.

How to Choose The Winning Craps Betting Strategy?

Certain factors are required to be considered while choosing the winning craps strategy. Craps game is complex, and it has many aspects. For beginners, craps games can be a little confusing. Before choosing craps strategies, the player must keep certain things in mind. 

Level of Experience

The foremost thing is, do you understand the game? And if you do not, you must spend some time on the game and gain a good understanding. Before playing, the player should also go through the strategies discussed in this article. 


Putting bets and strategies requires money. And some of the craps strategies require big bets and huge money for win-win situations. Some of the craps strategies we have discussed below are for the ones who prefer more frequent wins to keep the balance steady.

Risk Taking 

Some of the craps strategies involve risk. You should thoroughly go through the strategies and understand whether it is beneficial for you or not. Also, it would help if you remembered that taking risks involves money, and chances of losing or winning at craps are not predictable beforehand. 

Above are the most important things to consider before choosing any crap strategy. However, whatever your personal preferences are, there will always be a crap strategy mentioned below for you in the game. Also, if you feel craps game is something for you, you can choose from the wide range of games available at online gambling sites that are most suitable for you. 

What are the Odds in Craps?

What are the Odds in Craps?

Odds calculation is craps may seem discouraging at first, but when you get the hang of it, you will find it easy. The plus point of craps games is that it has a lower house edge than other casino games. 

However, knowing how best works in craps is necessary to pass across the board. Each crap strategy has different odds and house edges, and certain strategies will give better odds than others. There are many bets and odds in a craps game. 

We recommend that every player read each strategy we have mentioned to understand better. The odds you can expect in the craps game are:

  • 1:1
  • 8:1
  • 6:5
  • 5:4
  • 15:1

If you are a novice, then there is no need to worry, as you don’t need to know all the odds. To start the craps game as a beginner, there are safe strategies that you can implement and slowly move on to advanced strategies.

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What are the Best Low-Risk Craps strategy?

New to the game or Less in the pocket? Wondering how to win at craps? Low-risk craps strategy will be the best for you. Low-risk craps strategy utilizes the don’t pass bet with place bets on the 6 and 8. Players can place a bet on don’t pass and will win on a 2 or 3 but lose on a 7 or 11. The player’s main aim is to make follow-up bets on 6 and 8, less than their bet on don’t pass.

This is the best mathematical craps strategy known for protecting bankroll. The don’t pass bet will protect the player against the 7, and if it rolls rather than losing, then they don’t pay 1:1, and the player will lose on the other two bets. Frequent rolling of 6 and 8 may bring decent winnings in this craps strategy. 

Craps strategy Don’t Pass.

Enemy digger? This strategy can be a great wager if you are fearless in making enemies. Many players base their strategy on the pass line so that everyone will win or lose together; this is an opposite bet. This is a great wager to focus on if you are playing alone.

In this strategy, you will win money on a roll of 2 and 3, and 12 will result in a tie, preserving the casino’s house edge. One thing to remember here is to look at the dice combination on the don’t pass betting area, which confirms the present situation.

Don’t pass, Don’t come crap.

When 12 is thrown, the don’t pass turns into a push, and players will receive their bet back. This will pay if the shooter lands on 2 or 3 in the next roll, and once again, a 12 will come in Push which is similar to a Pass bet. Don’t Pass Don’t come craps strategy requires experience, and you should not land up before experiencing. 

Mathematical craps strategy

Here we will explain to you the best mathematical craps strategy. It is equally important to understand the mathematical strategy that lies in the craps game as craps, after all, is a game of chance where the winning combination of two dice depends on the losing combinations of two dice. The winning or losing numbers will depend on the type of bets you have placed. 

If the player has yet to catch this strategy or needs to understand the relationship between these numbers, then the player can lose a lot of money. Each of these strategies has a different mathematical edge. However, in the long run, it balances out. The best depends on how much the player can bet and the player’s experience. To find the best mathematical craps strategy vary your bets. 

Popular Craps strategies for More Advanced Players

Craps is a game suitable for both kinds of players, beginners and advanced. The best thing about this craps game is that it has strategies that will suit everyone. More advanced and leveled players will be willing to take riskier decisions and steps, which may result in huge profits. 

Advanced players will be able to use some of the strategies we have listed and have more profit. A Yo bet is more suitable for advanced players as you risk a loss before a win. While reading the mentioned strategies, you may find out which is more suitable for you based on your level of experience and knowledge.

1. 6/8 strategy

Are they looking to get hold of this craps game? A 6/8 strategy can help you in this. The best 6/8 strategies are popular as they normally have a lower house edge, and players can use this strategy over other place bets, as 6 and 8 have the second biggest odds of landing on the dice, which does not include 7. 

This strategy will work best if you have enough budget and are ready for a risk. If you have a small budget, this betting strategy may not work for you as you have a losing streak. You should only bet when you can afford to lose, if any. 

3. Hedge Bets strategy

In the Hedge bets strategy, you can roll on any combination; here, some bets take more than one roll to settle. Hedge bets do not reduce the house edge, but there is some logic to it. Few hedge bets may work for advanced players. Hedging in a craps game is done on a come-out roll. However, there are many ways in which you may lose, which you should consider before using this strategy. Hedge bets can also be placed with any 7 depending on how the player wants to play. 

3. Yo Bet

In Yo Bet, the player has to roll an 11. The dice in Yo Bet will consist of 5 and 6. The odds of rolling a Yo bet are the same as rolling a 3. The chances of 11 appearances are very low, but when it comes, big winnings are attached if you use the Yo Bet strategy. The house edge pays out odds of 15:1 by giving this wager the biggest house edge of 11.11%. You Bet strategy benefits advanced players as the percentage of losing is higher in Yo Bet. 

4. Craps 4 10 strategy

Craps 4 10 strategy is mainly for advanced players and is the lesser-known strategy of craps among players. Most craps players are confident that the best place bet is the 6 or 8, but if you are skilled and pro, you may be able to use Craps 4 10 strategies to get better odds. Anytime you want to place a bet on 6 and 8, and you are confident and have enough bankroll to play, try the craps 4 10 strategies and see how it works for you. 

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The Bottom Line

With the article, you have gained enough knowledge on the crap strategies you can use and see which works for you best. Crap strategies are categorized differently for beginners and advanced players. If you are unknown of craps strategies, it could be detrimental to your finances. First, know the strategies and then land up on craps games.

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What is the Best Strategy for craps?

The best craps strategy is to place minimum table bets on don’t pass and don’t come before laying the odds to reach your desired total wager. THE BEST PART: In craps, not coming and not passing while laying the odds gives you the lowest house edge.

Is there any skill to craps?

Playing the dice game of craps doesn’t involve any skill or planning. The objective is to correctly guess how the two dice will land.

Should you always play max odds in craps?

Keep your Pass line bet at the table minimum and odds at the maximum amount you are comfortable with when Craps betting odds on a craps game.

What are the best odds in craps?

Usually, there are only 3 bets you should go with while playing craps.
The odds while playing these 3 bets are where the house doesn’t have a stagistical advantage over you.

How can I win a game of Craps?

Use Dice Control.
Make your pass-and-come bets minimum.
Make your original bets minimum, then make the rest of your wager by laying the odds.

What are some craps bets that are profitable?

Generally, the most profitable bets in the game of Craps are the free odds bets. To make these bets, you are supposed to make a pass or don’t pass bet first. This combination will definitely improve your odds.

What is the best craps strategy?

The best craps strategy is to go with minimum table bet at don’t pass and don’t come, then reach your goal of getting total wager by laying odds.

Is Craps a game of skill or luck?

The results of a gambling game like craps depend entirely on luck. Knowing how to gamble to improve your odds requires some ability. Most players play craps incorrectly, drastically decreasing their odds of winning and greatly raising the house’s advantage.

How are craps compared to other casino games?

Craps has excellent odds when compared to most other games. Craps can eventually be an almost break-even game if it is played wisely. But remember that this only functions if you employ the most effective craps strategy. Other forms of gambling may significantly disadvantage you.

When can I shoot craps?

When a table is available, you can play the game of craps in a casino whenever you like. To actually start as the shooter, though, you will have to wait since everyone at the table will have a shot. Simply wait in line while placing bets in the interim.

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