What is Blackjack Insurance and Why do you need it?

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What is Blackjack Insurance and Why do you need it

What the heck is Blackjack Insurance? Wanna know? We have a detailed piece on the same. Explaining whats and hows and ifs and buts of Blackjack Insurance. Read through this interesting dive into Blackjack Insurance and save yourself the trouble.

In general, having insurance is a smart idea. Millions of people worldwide depend on life insurance, travel insurance, vehicle insurance, house insurance, and, most importantly, life insurance when things go wrong.

By shifting your risk of loss to the insurance company for a cost that is a small portion of the total possible loss, you may control risk by purchasing an insurance policy.

A $100 insurance could occasionally be the difference between salvaging a great trip and spending a week on the seaside wearing the same pair of shorts. But is it more advantageous to take the insurance or take the risk when given blackjack insurance at the casino?

Let’s examine the sole insurance policy supplied by casinos and your best course of action.

What is Blackjack Insurance?

The most important thing to understand about blackjack insurance is that it is only provided in one scenario, including someone who is most likely holding a blackjack.

Insurance becomes an option when the first card of the dealer is an ace. Since the dealer already has an ace, there is a significant possibility that their new card will be worth 10, giving anyone a blackjack; the likelihood of this occurring is roughly 1 in 3.

Since insurance bets are additional wagers that you can place up to half the amount of the player’s initial wager, they are available to players when the dealer shows an ace.

The blackjack insurance stake will be compensated at odds of 2:1 if you decide to put it. If the dealer checks their concealed card, or “hole card,” and has a blackjack.

Unless you also have a blackjack in your hand, you will lose your initial stake if this occurs. By wagering that the dealers will hold blackjack when it appears likely they will, Blackjack insurance enables the player to make even on their hand.

If you Don’t know what Blackjack Double Down is, here are your answers.

Should you take Blackjack insurance or not?

Assuming the player seemed to have a hand poorer than blackjack and lost their first wager and that they put an insurance stake at half the original amount, gamers may only make even when the dealer has blackjack.

Unfortunately, you miss the insurance stake and will still play out the original wager if the dealer still needs to get a blackjack. So, is purchasing Blackjack insurance worthwhile? No, it usually isn’t.

Players using the basic blackjack strategy should never place the insurance bet since they almost always lose money. Although it appears enticing, the notion isn’t advantageous to you as a player because you still gain something if the dealer has the all-powerful blackjack hand.

The Blackjack insurance bet is usually provided at odds of 2:1, but since there’s practically never a 2:1 chance that the dealer will have a 10 as their hold card, you don’t get a decent betting value and shouldn’t place a wager at these odds.

Even if you occasionally succeed in winning an insurance bet, you will ultimately lose money due to the payout odds as well as the likelihood of success.

What are the Blackjack insurance rules?

When everyone at the table has made their bets, the round of blackjack starts. To make the initial wager, you must insert casino chips inside the designated square or circle.

The dealer will hand two cards to all, including themself, when all bets have been placed. The dealer will deal with one face-up card. The dealer will allow you to place the insurance bet if the face-up card is an ace.

You should remember one crucial element that many novice blackjack players overlook. The Blackjack insurance wager has nothing to do with your first wager.

Both your initial wager and the insurance wager may win. You might lose both bets at the same moment. However, only casinos with regulations that allow players to win in a tie in a blackjack game allow players to win both bets.

When to take Blackjack insurance

When to take Blackjack insurance?

Due to their lack of understanding of how they operate and the mathematics involved in this blackjack wager, many players shy away from putting insurance bets.

Knowing when to take it is essential so that you know what and how it all functions. In some situations, you may utilize this stake to your benefit even if you are not employing advantage play techniques or card counting.

However, there are very few circumstances in which Blackjack insurance bets can be beneficial. To further simplify things, there is one circumstance in which we advise using blackjack insurance.

You should do this if you are already holding a blackjack with your hands and wish to ensure you win money from it. In this case, it makes sense to safeguard your hand from the dealer’s possible blackjack.

Advantages of taking Blackjack insurance

A lot of blackjack players love to place the insurance bet. The insurance bet is reasonable because this choice has several highly practical benefits. The three most prominent ones include

  • Excellent for Card Counters

If you are proficient in card counting and the fundamentals of blackjack, the Blackjack insurance bet may be a powerful weapon in your toolbox.

Assume you can roughly keep track of every card in the deck with a 10-point value. Knowing roughly how many hands are still in the deck can help you decide when to place the Blackjack insurance bet to maximise your chances of winning.

  • High rollers can profit from this

If you have made a sizable wager and are ready to hit the objective, this wager may be a great choice. After that, keeping this in mind, high rollers find it particularly helpful in these circumstances.

  • Good Payout

The insurance bet might be quite profitable if you already hold a blackjack. This is because the insurance bet pays out 3:2 in such an instance.

You can see that there are many reasons why, when given a choice, you should choose the blackjack insurance option.

Disadvantages of taking Blackjack insurance

Insurance bets aren’t perfect, of course, and they do have certain disadvantages that you should think about and balance. The following are the main drawbacks of buying Blackjack insurance when playing blackjack:

  • Higher House Bet

You should avoid this bet if you’re interested in optimum betting and gaming with the smallest possible house edge. The Blackjack insurance bet will raise the margin to at least 7%, according to the blackjack variant you’re playing. This indicates that you anticipate losing $7 for every $100 you wager.

  • Poor Winning Probabilities

The dealer has to hold a 10 for you to win an insurance bet—also a photo card. Since there is only a 30% chance of this happening, many insurance bets go badly for the player who accepted them.

The Chances Are Rarely In Your Favour. You knowingly increase the casino’s advantage in the odds by placing an insurance gamble. There are few exceptions to this rule, but they are uncommon.

What is Blackjack insurance Expected Value?

It’s important to discuss the Expected Value (EV) which blackjack insurance provides in the table. The expected value method calculates how much money you anticipate gaining or losing by betting the same amount on many different hands.

In other terms, if you place similar bets over time, you should always anticipate losing more cash than you do. The insurance stake is the most detrimental move you can make when playing blackjack, according to the expected Value.

Therefore, passing on the Blackjack insurance bet has always been preferable to taking it if you’re committed to the long term and concentrate on playing well.

What are the Odds of Blackjack insurance

What are the Odds of Blackjack insurance?

When people play this bet, the house does have a sizable edge, as you will see if you perform the arithmetic. It is straightforward: only cards with a value of 10 may award the dealer blackjack.

The worst-case scenario for you needs more 10-valued cards in your deck because there are only four in a deck.

In such a situation, the dealer has 16 possible ways to get blackjack and 33 ways to avoid getting a blackjack. It doesn’t take a mathematics genius to understand that there is a greater likelihood that they will miss you and you will lose the insurance stake.

If you practice card counting and decide that a 10 must come next, It can support placing this wager, but in the absence of that, think about passing.

Blackjack is widely acknowledged as a game of skill and in-depth game knowledge, supporting the idea that players may influence their playing outcomes.

This game benefits individuals who like to rely solely on themselves and do not trust in player luck. Each player who chooses to play blackjack knows that if they lose, they alone are to respond.

Only a player’s choice can alter how the game is played, and a player’s error may be deadly. Blackjack is a game played by powerful, self-assured individuals who aren’t scared to accept responsibilities.

What is Blackjack Insurance Price?

The blackjack insurance payment is 1:1 or a proportion equating to the bet if the player prevails, which occurs if the dealer’s face-down hand turns out to be a 10. When a player’s hand results in blackjack, he is rewarded at a ratio of 3:1, or three dollars for every $2 wagered, or 1.5 times the wager.

House Edge

When only one card deck is utilized, the house advantage when buying blackjack insurance is around 5.8%. However, the house edge in contemporary blackjack can be as high as 7.5% for a particular round of play when 6–8 decks of cards are used.


Thanks to the information we’ve provided on this page, you now understand everything there is to know about the insurance stake in blackjack. Thus, given all we’ve covered so far, are Blackjack insurance bets worthwhile?

You can decide with the aid of a few suggestions. Blackjack Insurance bets are an excellent option if you’re an experienced blackjack player who is good at card counting or has another advantage play approach.

But it’s crucial to realize that most players aren’t card counters. Thus, this advantage of blackjack insurance is only exploited sometimes.

Regular blackjack players would be best served to avoid the insurance bet completely. Blackjack insurance will ultimately result in a loss for you, even in the best-case situation.

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1. Is blackjack insurance a wise move?

If the broker’s up card is an ace, taking Blackjack insurance is a good idea because there’s a nearly one-in-three possibility their other card will be worth ten. However, unless you are a highly skilled card counter, likelihood indicates that insurance is probably going to be a losing wager over the long run.

2. What does the term “insure a bet” mean?

With Insurebet, you receive your money returned even if your horse comes in second (Insurebet 2 Place), second or third (Insurebet 3 Place), or third or fourth (Insurebet 4 Place).

3. Does blackjack need to have more skill or chance?

Statistically speaking, some casino players are lucky and succeed in making a profit. Blackjack, however, is a game that players may defeat only via ability.

4. Can a wager be insured?

Any consumer can partially or fully insure their wager. Consumers must pay a fee for insurance. The present probability of the covered occurrence determines the insurance price.

5. How is a cover bet placed?

It goes as follows:

Make a wager on a horse for second-place coverage. This implies that if it wins, you will receive the payoff according to the stated odds, but if it places second, your bet will be returned. If it finishes third or higher, you forfeit your bet.

6. In blackjack, what does insured mean?

If the dealer’s up card is an ace, a side wager called blackjack insurance is presented to the player as insurance against the dealer’s game being “blackjack.” The largest stake permitted is often half of the player’s primary wager, and blackjack insurance odds payout out at 2/1.

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